Fingers and waiting

Hello everyone and happy May.    It has been a very busy month for us so far.  We have had two birthdays, baby showers, and a crushed pinky.   Rory turned 6 on May 11th and Emma turned 14 on May 16th.  It is hard to believe they are getting so big.  Emma especially has just blossomed … Continue reading Fingers and waiting

April Update

Yoana 3:16 Kire, abu Akuj tomina akwap nooi, tojal tari Lokoku keŋ ŋolo donupei, ikotere ŋini enupi iŋes nyebukori, nai toryamu akiyar ŋina nyedaun. Ajok! Happy Easter everyone!  Been a bit since our last update so we figured it was time to catch everyone up to speed on the happenings. Budget We currently have 39% … Continue reading April Update

Getting closer!

When someone mentioned they had not looked at our page in a week, it made me realize there might be people who check it often so I should probably post an update.  In my last post I mentioned some of the less glamorous things we were battling.  The good news is we are getting through … Continue reading Getting closer!

Snow and Hope

Living in the south, one of the few things that you look forward to and panic about at the same time is snow.  All joking aside we literally shut down when it’s coming, not when it’s here, but before it even gets here.  Somewhere between the beginning of this past week we began to hear … Continue reading Snow and Hope