Prefield is hard

Currently we are in what is called: prefield. It means we are preparing to go to the field. It can be less exciting for many watching everything unfold because there is no “exotic location” things happening. It is a normal family asking for money to go do something at a future date that they are vague about when it will be. It is counter our normal American senses because when it comes to money, we want to know when, how much, what will happen, the return, how to prevent any loss, what happens if, etc. Preparing to go is all question marks on each of those. Some you eventually find out, some you never find out. Eventually we will know an actual real date we are leaving, but now it is “hopefully here” or “if everything goes well, then here” and let’s be honest, no one wants or likes a vague answer. The thing is God plans and sets things in motion, not us. We simply make ourselves available and trust Him. He decides, He allows, He holds back. We trust Him, both the sender(you) and the goer(us). The sender trust that God is going to do something with the missionary and the ministry; the missionary trust that God will get him there and use him there. (Proverbs 16:9, James 4:13-15, Proverbs 16:3, John 9:4, 1 Thess. 5:1-3, Acts 1:7, Proverbs 27:1)

This same issue happens with money as well. We all want to be good stewards of God’s money. So when someone says here is the cost to move and live and do ministry in this place and eventually hopefully you’ll see some results that will make you feel like you didn’t waste what you have given, that doesn’t sit well with our minds. America teaches us to be sure in our investments. To many of us giving to God is only ok, if we know there is a positive outcome. Yet this is wrong. We give and take our hands off. The results are not important. The quality of the person, the agency, and the ministry are important. Are they Biblical? Do they honor God? Sometimes we get to see results and that’s even better because we know what the money is doing. If we used only results we could say, “man Joel Olsteen gets it done”. Yet if we ask is it Biblical, then we know this is the wrong place to give to. We need to give, without demanding results first. Trust the missionary, trust the agency, trust the sending church. If they are all Biblical and of good character, then trust that God will manage His money well. (2 Cor. 9:6, Malachi 3:10, Pro. 3:27, Heb 13:16, Pro. 11:24-25, Luke 6:30, 2 Cor.9 :10)

Pray for courage to give and send courageously knowing that God is able to use very little and very much very well. Pray that we would trust for God to provide and for us to be confident in His timing.


The best way to show you what we are going to be doing at RAU, is to show you what has been going on this week. The Good Soil team from ABWE came to RAU to teach The Roots of Faith curriculum. This is a chronological bible survey that uses pictures and lessons to teach God’s redemptive plan. (Read more here). If you follow Jacob and Carol Lee on Facebook you will get some amazing pictures of the teaching. I have included just a few below.

Want a good read?

Prayer Request

  • That we would have all funds raised by June 30th. (Currently 19% monthly and 45% outbound).
  • For Sara and I as we try to balance everything (work, church, family commitments, speaking, trying to find supporters, feelings).
  • For spiritual protection for ourselves, our children and our witnesses.
  • For my youth at Matlock. As my time winds down with them, I am beginning to see how much I am going to miss them.
  • For our teammates Aaron and Amanda. (
  • For Jacob and Carol and the Good Soil team.
  • For all the pastors and church leaders there this week.
  • For Sara and I as we travel to ABWE for Departure readiness training.

Please consider giving. You can give now, you can commit to give later. Either will count towards our monthly and outbound amounts. Please contact me and I will explain how it works. Also if your church, small group would be interested in having us come and speak or share or just talk, please let me know. (

Also THANK YOU! to those who have given already. We recently went and applied for passports for all the kids. It was close to $900. Fortunately, money in our outbound can cover the cost. Those who have given already have enabled us to do this. We cannot go with out you, so thank you, thank you, thank you.

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