Last Chances

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We watch the end of 2022 and the start of 2023. It is a time of looking back and looking forward. As we look to the end of 2022 it is exciting to be able to see the many things God has done in our family’s lives this year and the massive changes He is going to do next year as we plan to leave the US and make a new home in Uganda.


Monthly Support is at 16%

Monthly support is what keeps us on the field. This is our ministry funds, rent, kids education, insurance, and salary. This is for people who are giving monthly to the work we will be doing in Uganda. There is not a limit on how much you give, be it $25.00 or $1000.00. If you want to give to this fund, but want to start closer to when we leave or after we leave you can let me know and we can count your commitment now.

Outbound(moving) is at 33%

This fund covers all the cost that are needed to move us to Uganda and get us setup, such as, buying a vehicle, airplane tickets, housing setup, etc. This is needed to get us there and then no more. Our vehicle consist of about half of this. We need to purchase a heavy duty Land Cruiser so that we are able to handle the roads and get to some of the remoter areas in the Metu Mountains.


  • November 2022: We want to be at 10% Monthly / 18% Outbound –Completed!

  • January 2023: We want to be at 25% Monthly/Outbound

  • March 2023: We want to be at 50% Monthly/Outbound

  • June 2023: We want to be at 100% Monthly/Outbound.

    June 30th: Last day on staff at Matlock.

  • July 2023: Missions conference / ABWE Training classes.

  • August/September 2023: Visit family and leave for Uganda.

Needless to say there is not a lot of time between now and August/September, let alone June. Lord willing all of these goals will be met. We are committed to going, are you willing to give to help us get there? At the end of the day it take people willing to send in order for us to go. We want to serve and are willing to go to where others either cant or wont. Will you please consider giving towards the work that is going on in Uganda?

You can give here:

or you can give offline here:


Here in the US, the holidays have been great, we have gotten to hang out with family and see a few people we haven’t seen in a while. It was bittersweet as it, possibly, was our last Christmas in America. This is the hard part about waiting to raise support so we can go, everything is a last. Last birthdays, holidays, etc. It is hard on our kids and it is hard on Sara and I, as we have to plan for going with big things, like selling our house, throwing away things, etc. Pray for us.

We got visit from our team mates yesterday. They got some extra time off work and were able to make the visit all the way from Iowa (we are in SC).

Pictured: (Pryce’s)Ben, Sara, Emma, Nora, Aniyah, Liam, Rory, Izyiah, Kaleena. (Langworthy’s) Aaron, Amanda, Elijah, Issac, David.

In Uganda, Jacob and Carol have been very busy catching up from being in the US. They have been giving out ESV Bibles, attending graduation ceremonies in the refugee camps, visiting and celebrating with rural congregations, and they spent Christmas in the Metu Mountains with the local church. They even had three men come to the gate looking to find out how they become Christians! Please take a minute to go and read what is happening and what we(with your support!) will be apart of.

There is so much to do and so little time. Jesus stepped into time and was born as the lamb we all needed. He was born to die so that we could live. He went obediently to the cross, suffered and bore our sins so that in him we could be the righteousness of God (1 Peter 2:24/2 Cor. 5:21). He was raised from the dead and ascended into heaven at the right hand of the Father and all authority has been given to Him (Matt 28:18-20, John 17:2). We have the great hope of the world and we have been tasked with sharing that message with peoples all over the world. Help us do that. Send us, we will going. May the Lord bless you and keep you and make you bold and confident in his ability to use weak people.

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