The Bible teaches an act called discipleship. One believer intentionally invest in another with the purpose of replicating what has been taught to them. In many ways giving financially is very similar. One person (usually a believer) intentionally invest or gives to the work of another.

Here are some facts.

This chart comes from:

Billions of dollars go to missions. Of the billions that go out only about 1% goes to reach unreached people groups.

When you give to us you are giving to that 1%. Our goal is to reach part of that unreached group. The Aringa are the last UPG in Uganda. They are traditionally Muslims, but there are some Christians among them.

At the end of the day, not everyone can move to rural Uganda. Some wont go, some cannot, and some will. We will and we can, but it does take those who are willing to send. One time gifts and monthly giving is what enables us to get there. If you have given, thank you! If you have not, please consider doing so. If you have give one time, consider becoming a monthly supporter.

We are currently at 11% of our committed monthly support and 22% of our outbound(one time moving) support. We are required to be 100% in both to be cleared to leave. We want to be 100% by June of 2023 allowing us to leave in August or September.

Giving Myths/Questions

*Do I have to give for the whole time you are there? No, you give as long as you feel led. I do think once you see what is going on in Moyo you will want to give.

*What I can afford to give is not enough to help. When giving to the Lord there is no such thing as to little. Remember the widow’s giving(Mark 12:41-44) it is not the amount its the heart of the giver. God can take any amount and do mighty things with it. $25 a month will get us a quarter of a 1% closer. $50 a month will get us half a !% closer. $100 a month will get us a 1% closer.

*What if I want to wait and start till you get there or leave for there? You can. Abwe will count all committed monthly support towards our goal even if it doesn’t start till later.

*How do I know you will be able to do what you say you are going to do? First, ABWE has been around for over 95+ years. They also partner with over 500 other like-minded churches and assist more than 1,000 missionaries. Second, Reaching Africa’s Unreached has been in Uganda for over a decade and is already working with the Aringa, the Ma’adi, the people around the Metu mountains, refugees from South Sudan and The Republic of (North) Sudan. So we are not going alone and we are going in to help in the work that is already going on.

*How do I know you will go? We get asked this a lot believe it or not. We will go and can go because we have before. We, as a family, are 100% confident in our ability to go. Not only that, this is a path the Lord has opened up for us and short of Him closing it in an undeniable way, we are going. God has given us a sending church, a partnering mission organization, teammates (The Langworthys), and an established ministry in Uganda. This is as close to a for sure thing as there is.

*Ok, I want to give. How do I? To give to us go to Then click the give now button. If you would like to give to our teammates Aaron and Amanda Langworthy go to If you would like to give to Reaching Africa’s Unreached go to

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