Here’s where we are.

Hello everyone! Its been a pretty wild October for the Pryce tribe. We have been super busy with classes, support raising and doctor visits. We also have some timeline plans in place that we are going to share and try to accomplish, Lord willing. This is gonna be a long one.


So we have had two ER visits this month. Leena stuck her foot in a bike wheel while riding with Nora, after being told not to, and then Liam dislocated his knee while hanging out with his friends. Both of them ended up with a brace on.

Leena’s accident was right at the end of September and thanksfully she is now all healed up and boot free. Liam hurt his knee towards the end of October and will be in his brace for a while. Praise God he did not break anything or tear anything, so once we are able to get into the doctors office we should have an idea of how long we are looking at.

Emma and Mammie(Edie) came down a couple of weeks ago and helped Sara paint our upstairs bathroom. I have since painted the upstairs hallway. We are planning on selling our house next year, Lord willing, before we go to Uganda so we are prepping for that by doing around the house fixing and painting. We also will have not one, but two ABWE missionaries come and stay with us in November, which is incredibly exciting. Earlier this month(October) Ron and Ann Washer (Ron is the Executive Director of Africa with ABWE) came through town just to have lunch with us. ABWE has loved on us so much during our time with them, through phone calls, video chats, and visits. They really are a loving agency. If you are considering missions, let me encourage you to check them out:

Sara and I have just finished Good Soil training, which is an Evangelism and Discipleship curriculum designed by ABWE. It is some of the materials we will be using in Uganda.

Sara is continuing through her Methods of Bible Study class and is starting a Missional theology class in November with our teammate Amanda. Pray for them as they balance these classes/work/family life, etc.

We got to visit with one of our supporting churches for a Reformation Day Party and had a great time! We got a lesson in why the reformation was important and got to hear some profiles of different reformers and what they did with great persecution. We love Grace Covenant Church!


    Praise the Lord, God has been very good to us this month. Currently we are sitting at 10% monthly and 18% in our outbound(moving fund). That is a 2% increase in our monthly support and a 11% increase in our outbound support! Our official last day at Matlock, as paid staff, is on June 30th, 2023. We are wanting, Lord willing, to be at 100% support in both monthly and outbound by then. We would not be leaving then as we have a few more training events we need to attend in July, but it is possible we could leave by August or September.

    So what does that mean for us and for you? For us it means we need to find partners, both those who would give to get us to Uganda(one time) and those who will give to keep in Uganda(monthly). We need 92 more monthly partners at $100 a month to get us to our monthly goal. These are those who will help us to live and work in Uganda, reach the unreached Aringa people(, teach and disciple rural pastors, and share the Gospel in the Metu Mountains and other areas around Moyo. Giving monthly is a deeper commitment. One time giving is necessary and important, but monthly is deeper. Giving monthly is investing in something. In this case, it is investing in kingdom work, that God is currently doing and will continue to do. The work we are going to help with has been going on for the last 10 years(we can show you pictures and videos), which has been laying foundation and preparing. This is a good investment, because you can see fruit from it already with just a couple workers on the ground. Imagine with families of workers what could be done!

    From you we need investors. We need people who are willing to trust what God is doing in Moyo and will trust that God will take that monthly amount and do great things with it. If you are already giving, thank you. If not, pray and consider giving. The Lord will use your gift for kingdom work, that is not a question. If you would like to give, but do not want to start until we get to Uganda, then let me know and your commitment will count towards our monthly goal. If you need to change your amount down the road you can do that to. No amount is to small and no amount is to big. If you have questions or concerns then reach out to me ( and lets chat.

    TIMELINE(Lord willing)

    • November: 10% Monthly / 18% Moving(One Time).

    • January: We want to be at 25% monthly and moving.

    • March: We want to be at 50% monthly and moving.

    • June: We want to be at 100% monthly and moving.

    • July: Last training classes/clearance to go.

    • August/September: Visit family/friends and leave for the field.


    • Support. Pray that we would find partners and people would commit to give and work with us.
    • Balance. Pray that we would be able to balance the demands of support raising, family, work, etc.
    • Uganda. There is an Ebola outbreak in Uganda, pray for protection and for those working to slow it down.
    • Jacob and Carol. Our team leaders are headed back to Uganda. Pray for them as they head back. Pray for their families and grandchildren especially.
    • Aaron and Amanda. Pray for our teammates as they raise support.

    One thought on “Here’s where we are.

    1. This is a great newsletter! Praying and believing God with you! Wherever we traveled in America we were quick to talk about you all , the langworthy’s and ABWE. Our friends are excited with us and are also praying for you all too. There is much to do…we must work hard as the night is soon coming!

      Love and Prayers! Jacob

      PS: We are still in Entebbe. We should be at RAU on Tuesday or possibly Wednesday if a MAF flight to Moyo opens. We were wide awake at 2 AM and back asleep at around 3:30…having to get readjusted to Uganda time. Sadly, Carol got a bad stomach bug the morning after our arrival and has been in bed since then. She is feeling a bit better this morning. Originally I was scheduled to preach in Kampala First Presbyterian this morning but conflicting reports of Kampala lockdown we decided not to go into the city and so canceled with Pastor Bukenya before our departure to Uganda. With Carol not well it was providential!


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