Uganda Yall

Welcome back to all our old followers and hello to the new ones. We are going back to Uganda. God has graciously opened a door for us to go and serve as missionaries with ABWE (Association of Baptist for World Evangelism) in Moyo, Uganda. We are looking to leave in 2023/2024.

Moyo, Uganda

We will be partnering with Reaching Africa’s Unreached to teach and disciple local church leaders, pastors, and others in order to prepare those who love the Lord, but lack theological training. This is a massive need in Africa. It is estimated that 85% of pastors and church leaders around the world have no theological training. I once heard Conrad Mbewe, a pastor from Zambia, say, “Africa’s problem is not evangelism, it is training. Christianity in Africa is a mile wide, but an inch deep.” It is not that Africans or Ugandans cant reach their own people, it is they lack the training that helps one properly disciple another in the faith. This type of training also is what enables believers and shepherds of believers to fend of the wolves of the prosperity gospel and the word of faith movement that is ravaging Africa. Training and teaching is what RAU(Reaching Africa’s Unreached) currently does. It is not all they do, but it is the main part of their work. They also work with refugees, as Uganda has the largest refugee population in Africa, they have dialogs with many of the different Muslim groups in the area (including the Aringa, the last unreached people group in Africa), they also teach farming as a business, assist in putting in boreholes in remote villages, and have planted multiple churches with pastors. Needless to say they are hard at work currently.

It is our hope that we will be able to head to Uganda and learn from the Lees and then to partner with them in these many task. God has graciously given us teammates that will be coming to Uganda as well. Aaron and Amanda Langworthy and their children will be heading to Uganda to work with us.

We are very blessed with the path that God has opened before us. There is a lot to do in order for us to go. We need to raise funds, complete ABWE training, and other small things. Yet we know that God is faithful and will provide both the funds and anything else we need in the right time. It is our hope that you will consider partnering with us both in prayer and financially. We would love to speak with or come to your church and share our ministry with you.

How can you help?

  1. Prayer: This is the number one thing. We need you to pray for us, for our teammates, the people we will work with, and the many small things that need to be worked out or completed.
  2. Financial support: We have a monthly amount we need to raise to keep us on the field and we have a one time amount that will get us to the field and setup (vehicle, housing, etc).
  3. Stay in touch with us: call, email, video chat. One of the biggest encouragements on the field is to chat and hear from people back home.
  4. Come and visit. RAU is uniquely setup to host teams. Come and see, come and teach.

How to give?

The best way to give is through our giving pages at abwe.

How to contact us?

The best way is to email us at

Love, the Pryces

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