Hello from Uganda

Good evening from Kampala, Uganda.  IMG_1835.JPG

Things have moved very quickly and we have been very busy.  We left the US on the 23rd at 1pm and got to Uganda on the 24th at 1030pm.  We got to bed that night after eating something and bathing around 2am.  We lost two pieces of luggage, one of which ended up in Saudi Arabia.  The plan rides were ok.  Rory started getting sick on the 2nd plane, Liam on the 3rd, and all of us by the last.  I would say it took until yesterday to really start to feel better from jet lag.

Uganda is beautiful.  Kampala is lush with plant and bird life.  The people are all very friendly.  Friday after we got here we went to get our work permits.  I got mine but Sara did not.  The man who was doing hers had made some errors so we were not going to be able to get hers till later.  We have made shopping list of things we will need to take with us to Kotido. We are applying for a TIN (tax identification number).  It was rejected because of an error.  We will be reapplying tomorrow.  We did find a vehicle.  We are getting a 94 Toyota Prado SX.  This vehicle will be what gets us to Kotido, is there in case of emergency and for everyday errands.

The traffic is something to behold.  Imagine where ever you live the busiest traffic.  Now removed all stop signs, stop lights, and rules.  That is Kampala traffic.

Oh and add in little motorcycles called Boda Bodas.  The Bodas drive around traffic, between cars, pretty much wherever they want.  Yet with all that chaos the traffic flows like water.  Everyone uses horns to show they are coming or signaling someone.  No one gets mad at someone cutting them off as long as traffic flows.

IMG_1895Tomorrow, we start shopping for supplies.  Our plan is to leave either Sunday or by Tuesday.  It really all depends on how fast we get all the docs we have not gotten yet, the rest of the supplies, and our vehicle.  Friday is a holiday here so many of the businesses will be closed which will delay several things.  The kids have all done very well.  Emma had a small bug last night but seemed to be over it today.  Nora has floated around with the boys and loved on the dogs and cat that live here.  Liam has made friends with all the gate guards and spends much of the day with them.  Rory is with Liam or running around with the other children that show up here.  We have also met many other missionaries that are going back out to the field.  We even met one couple who are from North Carolina!

Thank you so much for all the support you have sent our way.  We are here because of you.  Please continue to pray for us and for what God is doing here.

Prayer Request

  • For our continued adjustment to life here.
  • For our family back home.
  • For our TIN to get approved tomorrow
  • For Sara’s work permit and the kids pupil passes to be approved
  • For Ruth as she travels home for medical care
  • For Christine healing
  • For the rest of our Kotido team
  • For John and Krys
  • For our upcoming journey to Kotido
  • For the Karamojong
  • For continued development of the Karamoja district

2 thoughts on “Hello from Uganda

  1. Wow!! So sorry for the sicknesses. Hope things settle down now. So excited about your vehicle. Good luck with that traffic! So excited for you all. What an experience like no other!


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