Q & A Time


Hello everyone.  Lately, most of our recent posts have been about support raising so we thought we would change things up and do a little Q&A for people.  We get a lot of questions from people about our trip and for the most part the questions are the same.  If you have a question that is not listed feel free to comment or email one of us with it.


Q.  Are your kids going too?

A. Yes! This trip is as much for them as it is for us.  I am not sure we could leave them behind while we went and served.  Our home serves God and that is all of us, young or old.  It is my hope they see the other side of things.  I want them to see poverty, different culture, Christianity in a non-American setting.  I want them to see Sara and I doing and not just saying it.  I want them to see us give up everything for God.  Plus kids are everywhere in Africa, I am bringing them four missionaries.

Q. Are you scared/nervous?

A. Yes and No.  I am not afraid to go.  I am not afraid of giving up things or being without, if anything I want that.  God is sovereign over all things including our lives, which means that they are His to use as He sees fit.  It also means when He decides my time is up then it doesn’t matter if I am in Africa or South Carolina.  I am sure we will all have the jitters beforehand, but God is pretty awesome and can use the least of us.  I am confident that God will use me till He is done with me and then I can know that I did my best to glorify Him.

2 Timothy 3:12 “Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.”

Q.  Will you have to learn the language?

A. Yes we will.  The Karimojong speak N’Karamojong.  Our goal is to adapt to the Karimojong culture as much as possible.  In town we are told they speak English to varying degrees, but outside they don’t.

Q.  Is there electricity/toilets?

A. No currently the grid has not made its way to Kotido.  Our house will have a toilet that pulls water from what is stored.

Q. What is the weather like?

A. Hot, dry, and dusty.  The rain is seasonal and not reliable.  When the rains are late people will go to witch doctors for help, be sure to pray that the rains are on time and regular.

Q. What will you be doing there?

A. Our main goal is discipling youth and church leaders.  We want to help these believers to be rock solid in their faith, disciple making, and God honoring.  This is a huge need in Africa.  Not just a week of training but investment, mentoring, discipling.  Our secondary goal is to figure out what needs to be done to reach whole manyattas for Christ.

Q. Will you be alone or on a team?

A. We will be on a team.  Our team is made of people from all over the place.  We have the Shepherds from England, Mahood from Northern Ireland, and the Turners from New Zealand.  The Shepherds are doctors who will be working in the clinics in town, Mahood is a physiotherapist, and the Turners are cattle farmers.  I believe with us added in we will have just about ever accent of English you can find.  We have chatted with them a little bit and are very anxious to meet them in person.  We are very chuffed with how much they have checked in with us and asked for ways to pray for us.


I believe that is it for now.  We may do another Q&A post later.  If you have questions feel free to comment or email us.

Prayer Request

-For us to finish up on our support.  I believe we have another 30% to go on our general budget and somewhere between 8 and 13,000 on our vehicle.

-Pray for our team, specifically that they would have opportunities to share the Gospel and for rest

-Pray that the generator at the church continues to function as it supplies water to half the town.

-Pray for the Karimojong, specifically for them to be saved and for a way to be found to reach them outside of town.

-Pray for the Church of Uganda and for its Bishop

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