Fingers and waiting

Hello everyone and happy May.    It has been a very busy month for us so far.  We have had two birthdays, baby showers, and a crushed pinky.   Rory turned 6 on May 11th and Emma turned 14 on May 16th.  It is hard to believe they are getting so big.  Emma especially has just blossomed in to the beautiful young lady and has me feeling old.  It wont be long before she is driving and graduating.  Speaking of graduating I was asked to be Master of Ceremonies at our homeschool graduation.  It was a blessing to be a part of.  You can tell when something is special when you see dads holding back tears.  There was a small slide show after each person was given their diploma and watching it made me realize Emma will graduate in just a few years.  I feel old.  One of the graduates was Rory’s favorite person, Kristen.  She has loved on him at co-op every week for years now.  She is very special young lady to our family.

Ok lets start with the pinky.  On the day before Rory’s birthday he got his pinky finger shut in the door.  It was bad.  I am pretty calm when it comes to emergencies and tend to think pretty clear. Image-2 This time though rocked me.  His finger was mangled.  I drove to the ER locked my keys in the car WHILE it was running.  Sara met me there and we went to Levine’s up in Charlotte.  Rory got excellent care from the doctors and nurses.  He ended up turning 6 in the ER.  The doctor was great, after an hour of sewing he got the finger fixed up.  They even gave Rory a card and a present when we left.  It was sweet and got a small smile out of him.

So, where are we in being ready for Africa?  That is the question we get asked all the time.  We are caught up on shots, are slowly finishing up other commitments, and are just finishing our support raising.  So where are we with it?

We have raised $22,370 of our general budget.  We need to raise $43,000.  We have raised $800 of our car budget.  We need to raise between 12 and 15,000.

We are almost there.  It is very exciting to see those numbers grow. Each and every time someone offers to partner with us we see God at work.  It is also exciting because we see the body of Christ at work.  It is one thing to hope things go well and another to act and make sure they go well.  The marathon that is this trip to Uganda can only be completed with your help. We need prayer and financial support.  If we do not raise or have commitments for the full amount and the vehicle we cannot go.  We are required to have our funds raise by July 12th.  That is less then two months away.

How can you help?

First you can pray.  We can only succeed if God allows it.  We must go to our Father and seek his will and blessing in all that we do, including the work for his kingdom.

Second, support us.  If you have considered giving at one point and have not done so, now is the time to commit to action.  There is no wrong amount.  Some people are afraid to give because they fear it will be to little or not significant enough.  That is so far from the truth.  God loves a cheerful giver.  It is never about the amount you give, its about the attitude you give with.  Look at it this way, if we have eighteen people commit to give $100 a month for 12 months we will have met our general budget.  The big number seems big, but as the body comes together to provide for itself it becomes small.

Remember this, your support send us, but it is leaving a legacy in Uganda.  The youth we will work with, the men, the women that come to know Jesus will carry that on to the next generation and the next and the next.  Think back, who told you about Jesus?  If you go back to that person then look, someone told them.  Then look at them and it keeps going back.  That legacy, that impacted you is what we want to leave in Africa.  I have heard  story after story of people who now run churches and ministries that impact hundreds and thousands of people.  It all started with a missionary that was sent by someone like you.


Prayer Request

  • For our full budget and vehicle support to be in by July.
  • For our families that we will be leaving.
  • For Kotido, the Church of Uganda, and the Karamojong.
  • For our team in Kotido (Shepherds, Turners, and Mahood).
  • For any person who has considered giving, but has not.
  • Thank God for all he has done in our lives.
  • For my youth I am leaving behind and our church.



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