April Update

Yoana 3:16

Kire, abu Akuj tomina akwap nooi, tojal tari Lokoku keŋ ŋolo donupei, ikotere ŋini enupi iŋes nyebukori, nai toryamu akiyar ŋina nyedaun.

Ajok! Happy Easter everyone!  Been a bit since our last update so we figured it was time to catch everyone up to speed on the happenings.


We currently have 39% of our general budget raised and about 2.5% of our vehicle budget.  Money is tricky because it can be a touchy subject for people, but we have been so blessed by people’s generosity and willingness to give.  We have had lots of people partner with us both financially and with prayer.  The neat is part are the surprises.  We will get a notification on a new supporter and I will look and be so blown away by the generosity.  In some cases it is not even someone we know super well.  It all goes to show you how great God is.  He continually stretches what we think we know and shows us how big He is and how planned He has things.  Have you considered giving and just not done so yet?  Now is the time to partner with us.  Not everyone can go, but everyone can help those going.  You can give as a one time gift or choose to support us monthly.  Take some time and pray about how you can help the Karamojong.


We have gotten to talk with most of our team briefly.  It has been terrific getting to know them.  We still have a ways to go as you can only get to know someone so well over the Internet.  Plus, everyone on our team is from a different place in the world, so we have a crockpot of cultures being cooked up.  Needless to say prayers are needed for patience and for having a learner spirit.  I am pretty well chuffed to say that I have been learning some English phrases and even hi in Karamojong! Ajok!

Here are a couple of pictures of the Church of Uganda in Kotido.  This is the place where we will worship and work while there.  The left is the church and the right is the church grounds(Photo credit: Helen S.).  Please pray for this church, specifically that it would make disciple-making disciples.

If you are curious what the Karimojong language sounds like you can read it and listen to it here!

Prayer Request

  1. That we will be able to raise 100% of our support by July.
  2. For our hearts to be ready to go and that we will go as learners
  3. For our team in Kotido
  4. For everyone to mesh well together
  5. For the Church of Uganda and its Bishop
  6. For the Karamojong, both in the city and out of it.


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