Getting closer!

When someone mentioned they had not looked at our page in a week, it made me realize there might be people who check it often so I should probably post an update.  In my last post I mentioned some of the less glamorous things we were battling. passports The good news is we are getting through those.  Praise God we received our passports back in under two weeks and as of the end of last week everything that we need to apply for our Ugandan work permits has been sent in.  That is a BIG item on our outbound list.  The work permit can take up to six months to get back, so I will need you to be praying they come back quicker.

The kids are almost all done with their shots, Sara and I are next.  We got the yellow fever vaccine yesterday, which for most everyone was no big deal.  Poor Rory though has been through the ringer.  He was sick and had a fever last night.  He is on the mend today so I believe he should be back to normal tomorrow.  Everyone else was fine minus a few aches but overall good.  We still need to get everyone the typhoid fever vaccine.

Next week we will be headed down to Peachtree City for connect week!  Connect week is required by AIM to leave.  It is a week of training and fellowship for adults and kids.  Sara and I attended the support raising part this past November and we were blessed.  We left on such a spiritual high it was unreal.  Being in a room of people, married and single, who have put their life on hold and are going to different parts of Africa to serve is amazing.  I left in November just after two days and was ready to board a plane right then.  I cant wait for this coming week.  One of the best parts is you get to see all the different parts of AIM.  The guys who are going to make sure AIM air is up and running, or the people going to work in the diaspora, or nurses, or farmers, or the coordinators, or the facilities guy, and the IT guys.  You really do see what a well oiled machine AIM is and how God is using all these people to accomplish His goals.  The last time we went we met the IT guy who made the graphic that caught our attention and started us on this journey.  It was very neat.

I would be wrong if I didn’t make note of all the people who have jumped in and started supporting us financially and with prayer.  We have been overwhelmed.  We have had individuals, families, even a church of people we have never met partner with us.  It is very exciting and humbling.  People giving with a cheerful heart and excited about this mission work.  I cant help but think of all the people in Kotido that will be impacted because of this support.  We thank God for each one of these people.  If you are interested in supporting us you can click here .

Prayer Request:

  • For 100% support
  • For Rory to feel better
  • For connect week and everyone involved
  • For our team in Kotido and adjusting to life there
  • Thanks to God for everyone who has given sacrificially
  • For our families we are leaving behind
  • For our church
  • For all my beloved youth

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