Getting closer!

When someone mentioned they had not looked at our page in a week, it made me realize there might be people who check it often so I should probably post an update.  In my last post I mentioned some of the less glamorous things we were battling.  The good news is we are getting through … Continue reading Getting closer!

Snow and Hope

Living in the south, one of the few things that you look forward to and panic about at the same time is snow.  All joking aside we literally shut down when it’s coming, not when it’s here, but before it even gets here.  Somewhere between the beginning of this past week we began to hear … Continue reading Snow and Hope


So gears are starting to grind and the background machine of making mission work possible is moving.  We have gotten a few updates on things. First: Our destination is getting closer to being set as the details are being worked out.  Until it set for sure we have been asked to be vague with specific … Continue reading Updates!

Work to do

If you are checking in or have stumbled across us we are slowly trying to get the blog updated. Something interesting I came across in my Bible reading: Numbers 2:3 3 Those to camp on the east side toward the sunrise shall be of the standard of the camp of Judah Isn’t it interesting that God … Continue reading Work to do